Today’s retailers don’t only compete with each other, they also compete against with the ease of shopping from home. To thrive in the new retail reality, brands with brick-and-mortar stores must offer an irresistible alternative to online shopping…a true experience.

Knoebel Construction recently constructed the 50th store in just five years for fashion boutique Altar’d State.  We’ve been Altar’d State’s construction partner through most of their swift, upward trajectory.

So, what’s our secret to constructing an irresistible shopping experience for Altar’d State?

1.Build in the image of the customer
There is nothing cookie cutter about this brand.  Each store features unique elements designed to appeal to local audiences and align with current trends.

Our 50th store project in Lone Tree, Colorado, incorporates elements that reflect the local flavor – Colorado inspired furnishings and a rotating display window with graphics of Aspen tree trunks. The effect: shoppers feel special and at home.

2. Immerse the shopper
The Altar’d State store layout is anything but linear! Customers are guided through a winding path of open mini-rooms organized by theme or color.  Inspirational home décor and personal accessories are intermixed with the clothing.

The beautifully crafted design is intended to create a “place of rejuvenation from daily stressors.”

3.Have a love affair with change

The traditional approach in retail is to build all stores in a single image. As a team with Altar’d State, we embrace a bolder approach. It is not uncommon for design changes during construction to incorporate a new element that worked great at another store, or that was inspired by a trip abroad. We’ve learned to trust the process, adapt and deliver – every time, on time.

Knoebel and retail

Knoebel Construction’s very roots are in retail construction and we’ve seen the landscape evolve over the last 35 years.   We are proud to be part of the success stories of so many brands that are embracing and thriving in the new retail reality.


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