Blue Beacon Truck Wash: 5 Locations

Blue Beacon Truck Wash: 5 Locations

Knoebel Construction has constructed five specialized facilities for Blue Beacon Truck Wash. The newest 14,000sf, 24/7 truck wash in Emporia, KS includes a reception area, lounge and 30-foot wide bay with space for two additional bays to accommodate possible future expansion. The truck wash bay features a complex drainage system with the floor set at a four-degree angle for optimal water drainage. An eight-inch thick, 30-foot wide swath of concrete was added to the bay and drive lanes to accommodate the heavy vehicle weights and allow trucks to make wide turns. 

Locations that Knoebel previously built are located in Dallas, TX; Pontoon Beach, IL; Salina, KS and Memphis, TN.

These locations vary in size and feature as many as three truck wash bays. 

Project Description

Client: Blue Beacon Truck Wash
Location: Emporia, KS
Surface Area: 14,000 sf
Year Completed: 2019