Thrive Veterinary Hospitals: 16 Locations

Petco Veterinary Hospitals: 16 Locations

To help Petco expand its medical services for pets, Knoebel Construction is constructing new veterinary hospitals within existing Petco stores at numerous locations across the United States.

Each 1,500 to 2,000-square-foot veterinary clinic features a reception area, four examination rooms, x-ray room, surgery room and waiting room. As part of the construction projects, Knoebel relocates existing spaces to accommodate the new clinic.

The primary project challenge is completing construction within a fully operational store. Typically, the Knoebel team completes the first few weeks of demolition and construction in the evening after normal business hours to avoid disruption.

The new veterinary hospitals offer a range of medical services for pets, including routine exams, minor surgery, x-rays and vaccinations.


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