Retail Centers

Retail Centers
Knoebel Construction understands retail development from the inside out. We have the expertise and national experience to complete any shopping center project. Our retail center roster ranges from a $20 million 270,000-square-foot shopping mall in the St. Louis suburbs and a 96,000-square-foot retail center in Oklahoma to much smaller shopping centers such as a 6,500-square-foot development in Arkansas.

Knoebel delivers the best possible customer service, from pre-construction through construction and post-construction maintenance services. As a result, we’ve earned preferred partner status with several of the nation’s largest retail developers.

Total Lifecycle Services
We know that a commercial real estate deal is not a deal until the numbers work out, so we offer pre-construction budgeting to our clients, free of charge. Our pre-construction budgeting tool can create a very accurate budget estimate using minimal detail. For most projects, all we need to prepare a budget is the proposed square footage and a lease exhibit.

Once construction is underway, Knoebel really shines. No other construction sector is as dependent on meeting deadlines and high quality standards as retail center development, since a deficiency in either can negatively impact the lease agreement. So we make schedule and quality our top priorities. We respect the developer’s responsibility, and we make it our own.

Featured Retail Center Projects