Knoebel brings more than three decades of experience in restaurant construction to every project we build.

Our construction and post-construction teams work for the restaurant owner, but we understand that our true end users are the operations team and restaurant customers.

For example, we know that a great kitchen layout can enhance the kitchen staff’s morale and productivity. A well-functioning kitchen requiring minimal maintenance prevents downtime. And a dining room that sparkles with unique finishes and quality materials that hold up over time creates a dining experience that brings customers back.

We also are keenly aware that every day a restaurant is under construction is a day when patrons are not being served. Knoebel has developed proven techniques and processes to complete construction in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Independent Owners to National Chains

Our restaurant clients range from national fast food and casual dining chains and franchisees across the United States to individual proprietors developing their first restaurants.

We are the preferred national construction partner for many restaurant brands, ensuring reliability and consistency when building in multiple locations. And we’ve perfected our own subcontractor vetting, scheduling and quality control, enabling us to serve as prime general contractor on projects throughout the United States.

Featured Restaurant Projects