We are Knoebel Construction. We are Partnership Driven.

A partnership-driven mentality drives everything we do at Knoebel Construction.

We often say that “We build customer experience.” To support our clients’ ultimate business success, we understand that our work must facilitate a stellar experience for those who will work, shop, dine and visit those spaces.  

We understand, for example, that a great restaurant layout can enhance the kitchen staff’s morale and productivity. A well-functioning kitchen requiring minimal maintenance prevents downtime. And a dining room that sparkles with unique finishes and quality materials that hold up over time creates a dining experience that brings customers back.

In today’s retail environment, that perspective is more important than ever. Shoppers no longer even need to visit a store. But people shop for more than goods. They shop for the experience. And we know that an exceptional finish of your store design helps create that experience.

To that end, we work hard every day to become a trusted advisor to each of our clients, starting at the pre-construction stage and often before we have been awarded to work. We evaluate each aspect of every build to ensure success as if we are in-house members of our client’s team. 

And we know that the finish line isn’t the grand opening. Our attention to detail, coupled with high-quality construction and cost-effective materials, protects our clients’ long-term investment long past the last nail is put in place.

Building for customer experience also extends to the experience clients and subcontractors have working with our team. From the administrative staff at our headquarters in St. Louis to our onsite superintendents, our team is accessible, responsive, friendly and engaged in each project. 

These qualities also make working for Knoebel attractive to top talent. We enjoy each others’ company, offer growth opportunities, reward innovation and always work hard.

The solutions we offer and the positive working relationships built are exactly why Knoebel Construction has been chosen as a preferred general contracting partner for many national brands, ensuring reliability and consistency across multiple locations. We’ve built nearly 100 Altar’d State women’s boutique from coast-to-coast, dozens of Burger King restaurants in the Midwest, numerous grocery remodels for the Kroger-family chain of supermarkets to name just a few partnerships. 

Our clients call us their partners. We call our clients our friends.